Big Babol Tutti Frutti Stick 15.5G
Black & Gold Gingerlly Rolls 130G
Black & Gold Gingerlly Rolls 250G
Black & Gold Sweet Peanut 50S
Center Fresh Gum 15.5G
Center Fruit Chewing Gum Strawberry15.5G
Chupa Chups Classic Lollopop 11G
Daintee Milady Chocomint 100S 375G
Delta Milk Toffee Tub 50S
Hacks Toffees 10S Pkt 30G
Happy Dent Chewing Gum Mint White 10.2G
Keells Marshmallow Assorted 70G
Keells Kisses 15S - 45G
Magna Fruit Jelly Promo Pack 70G
Magna Milk Pudding 90G
Mentos Fruit 33.8G
Mentos Fruit Mbls 9.9G
Mentos Mint 33.8G
Mentos Sour Mbls 9.9G
Mentos Sugar Free Che Gum 10.2G
Milady Toffee Eclairs 300G
Milk House Coconut Rock (10Pcs)
Milk House Milk Toffee(10Pcs)
Premero Gingelly Rolls 12S 170G
Premero Gingelly Rolls 24S 340G
Premero Kisses Vanilla 15S
Premero Marshmallow Almond 140G
Premero Marshmallow Strawberry 140G
Premero Marshmallow Vanilla 280G
Risirasa Sesame Cake 180G
Risirasa Sesame Roll With Cas/Nut 250G
Risirasa Sesami With Peanut 150G
Samagi Thala Karali 12S
Tic Tac Apple Treat 10.2G
Tic Tac Cherry Cola Mixers 16G
Tic Tac Mouth Freshner Mint 13G
Tic Tac Mouth Freshner Orange 10.2G
Tic Tac Peach Lemonade 16G
Tic Tac Saunf Flavour 9.7G
Tic Tac Strawberry Fields 13.1G
Uma Marshmellows 250G
Uma Thala Balls 100G
Uma Thala Balls 300G
Uswatte Glucorasa Family Pack 175G
Uswatte Glucorasa Jujubes 100G
Uswatte Glucorasa Jujubes 40G
Yupi Gummy Candies Burger 108G
Yupi Gummy Candies Happy Bears 120G
Yupi Gummy Candies Iced Cola 120G