The new nutritional labels on our Keells packaging proving to be challenging?

Our very own Keells Products has a whole lot to offer. Apart from the brand-new look of the packaging, product quality and value we have taken an extra step in adding nutritional information on all our food products as well.
In our journey to improve the quality of life for our nation, Keells has always been at the forefront in delivering new initiatives to our customers. Nutritional information on the packaging has been one such initiative. This will now enable all of you to understand what our products contain and the key nutrients of what you consume on a daily basis. With the rise of many non-communicable diseases and the increased trend towards healthy living, we strongly believe that this value addition on our products will be a step in the right direction for you, our customers.

  • What’s in it for me?

    1. Understand what portion of your daily nutrient intake requirement can be met by the product you are about to consume and at what level.
    2. Plan your daily diet.
    3. Know what you consume to build a healthier lifestyle.
  • How did we go about doing this?

    All the nutrient information you find on our packs are derived based on the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Union (EU). All tests are done by accredited labs and are checked by the Keells Quality Assurance Team to ensure a quality product.

    Our guide is based on 2000 kilocalories (kcal) which is the recommended level of energy intake for a day for an average adult according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and we have averaged the total body mass weight to be at 60 kg, staying in line with the European Food Safety Authority. However, these values are only indicative and can be higher or lower depending on your daily calorie need and level of activity.

  • What does the Back Panel tell me?

    All back of pack information is based on 100 g / ml values depending on the product you consume. Each of these portions is per person’s daily intake. The nutritional information on the back of pack are derived according to the World Health Organization’s guidelines.

    • Per serving – Calculated according to the serving size of each product. The serving size is picked based on the commonly consumed level of an average individual.
    • Nutrient Reference Value (NRV)
      The percentage value of the daily nutrient requirement obtained by consuming a portion of the said Keells product.
  • Do you want to calculate this on your own? We’ve got you covered:

    Let’s assume have purchased our Keells Green Gram. The product has the following information:

    Serving size – 80 g
    Per 100 g protein – 22.80 g

    From what you have above you can easily calculate the per portion protein – (22.80/100) *80 = 18.24 g

    In the same way you can also see what portion of you daily intake does it satisfy.

    Protein requirement per day for an adult is – 0.8 g per kg bodyweight.
    Protein requirement of a 60 kg adult – 0.8*60 =48 g
    NRV – (18.24/48) *100%= 38.00%

    (From the daily protein requirement, 38.00% can be attained by consuming an 80 g portion of Keells Green Gram)

  • What does the Front Panel tell me?

    Front of panel facts are a summarized version of the back panel to give the highlight of the nutritional information in the product at a glance. It gives you the summary of what is on the back panel but is more pleasing on the eye because it is colour coded according to the level of nutrients a portion of the product provides. The front panel nutritional information is derived according to the European Union’s (EU) guidelines.

    The key areas for customers here are to understand the following:

    • Mandatory Nutrients
    • The mandatory 5 nutrients of Energy, Fat, Saturates, Sugar and Salt in summary are the key concerns that a customer would have about health from the product they consume.
    • Top line values indicate the per serving value that is mentioned on the back of pack
    • Bottom line values indicate the rounded off Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) percentage from the back of pack
    • The colour coding is based on the European Union guidelines for 100 g or 100 ml for which the strength of the value is colour coded for the easy reference of the Customer. The colour Red indicates a higher value, Amber indicates a middle value and colour Green indicates a lower value. There are some products that are by nature high in some variants such as Sugar in Sugar and Salt in Salt, these color codes can be disregarded by the Customer while taking into consideration only the energy given through the product.
  • How the colour coding works?

    Criteria for 100 g of food
    Nutrient Low* Medium High
    Fat ≤ 3.0 g > 3.0 g to ≤ 17.5 g > 17.5 g
    Saturated Fat ≤ 1.5 g > 1.5 g to ≤ 5.0 g > 5.0 g
    Sugars ≤ 5.0 g > 5.0 g to ≤ 22.5 g > 22.5 g
    Salt ≤ 0.3 g > 0.3 g to ≤ 1.5 g > 1.5 g
    * The low cut off is based on the “low” nutrition claim for fat, saturates, sugars and salt in the EU Nutrition & Health Claims Regulation legislation (EC) 1924/2006
    Criteria for 100 ml of drinks
    Nutrient Low* Medium High
    Fat ≤ 1.5 g > 1.5 g to ≤ 8.75 g > 8.75 g
    Saturated Fat ≤ 0.75 g > 0.75 g to ≤ 2.5 g > 2.5 g
    Sugars ≤ 2.5 g > 2.5 g to ≤ 11.25 g > 11.25 g
    Salt ≤ 0.3 g > 0.3 g to ≤ 0.75 g > 0.75 g
    * The low cut off is based on the “low” nutrition claim for fat, saturates, sugar and salt in the EU Nutrition & Health Claims Regulation legislation (EC) 1924/2006
    Criteria for 100 ml of fruit juices/nectars and carbonated beverages

    These values are based on Sri Lankan Government regulations (Gazette No. 1965/18)

    Nutrient Low* Medium High
    Sugars ≤ 2.0 g > 2.0 g to ≤ 11.00 g > 11.00 g

We Now trust you have sufficient information to understand why this nutritional information is important and how better to understand it. We certainly hope you had an informative and fun read as much as it was for us to helping you understand it.

We at Keells believe in making things better every day for our customers and improving the quality of life for our nation.

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